Welcome to the Hotel Concierge Training videos brought to you by Paso Robles Wineries. In these five short videos, you'll learn about super easy tools that you have at your disposal to:

  • quickly identify which wineries your guests will enjoy based on their criteria.
  • how to send your guests Google and Apple maps to their phones for each winery, distillery, restaurant, cheese shop, coffee shop, etc.
  • how to send digital coupons to guests' phones so that they save money on wine tasting, wine purchases and limo services - no printing of the coupon needed! They show the coupon right from their phone.

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How To Send Wine Country Coupons to Your Guest's Phone or Email

How to Send Wineries Directions to Your Guest's Phone or Email

How To Identify Which Winery Your Guests Will Enjoy

How to Find Wineries by Varietal

How to Send Restaurants, Cheese Shops, etc. Directions to Your Guest's Phone or Email