The original wine rebel is riding a whole new wave of creativity at @AnarchyWineCo with rock music blasting in the tasting room, flaming red light fixtures hanging from the raw ceiling and an antique silver wardrobe whose mirrored doors swing open as the passageway into the winery. This wild boy, winemaker and owner, Christian Tietje, is riding high in his hood, just outside of Tin City off Hwy 101. Obsessed with extreme winemaking, he takes it to a whole new level - fully exploring the hidden characteristics of pure varietals, and creating blends that obliterate the rules of convention. His “big ass wines” land euphorically on the palate with curated balance and reflect his escape from the conventional, to take you down roads others are too cautious to travel, finding perfection that is unconfined by rules. 

In the Paso wine scene, he is iconic and has been crafting wine that no one has ever seen anything like it, including kicking off a series of boundry-pushing labels the he lovingly referred to as The Freakshow. “..its been a real creative wave for a lot of blends that I’ve been sculpting in my head for a while now”. That wave has burst onto the scene to the exaltation of wine lovers, with favorites such as “Heretic” and flagship “Anarchy”, both 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition winners. If this sounds like your thing, then you sound like their kind of people. Ride the wave with @AnarchyWineCo located in the urban winery enclave shared with other talent such as @sevenoxen (another extreme fave of mine), @Aaronwines, and @Nelle-winery. They are all part of a new generation of concentrated exploration who are trailblazing a path of notable innovation that is pushing the limits with panache.

-“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are” -Jim Morrison


10 out 10 awards from the 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, 2 Double Golds, 3 Golds, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze